All our jobs are planned and executed to be fully compliant as per our written quotation. Unlike other Companies we do not sub-contract our work; Max will quote your job and oversee the installation of the job thereafter. Max’s experience in the installation of hundreds of jobs gives him the advantage of knowing what glass sizes will work best on your job and working out how to make compliant the most challenging of landscapes . Similarly, we can custom make alloy panels and gates at our factory specific to your window or gate heights.


On completion of the job we will provide our customers with a F15 Compliance Certificate and can also recommend and arrange a Pool Certifier who is equally qualified in his field to provide final certification as per Australian Pool Standards (double check that)


We offer the following services;


Frameless glass fencing

This is the prime quality option in glass pool fencing, either installed using Marine Grade stainless steel spigots or aluminium spigots. Frameless glass is 12mm thick & offers the best uninterrupted views through to your pool or off the end of your deck, giving you less obstruction and a high quality looking fence. Frameless glass can be cored into your pavers or installed on decking and is 1200mm high as compliance standards require. It is also a popular option for balustrades at a height of 1000mm high and is supplied with a matching stainless steel handrail.


All glass supplied is toughened to AS/NZS 2208 with finely polished edges. If a raked panel is required to suit your ground profile we can measure and custom order glass to fit on or over retaining walls or up sloped areas.

Semi frameless glass fencing

Semi frameless fencing is a cheaper option than frameless, but still provides a stunning looking fence in thinner glass. The posts are powder coated to AS/NZS 4506,60 microns and can be provided in a variety of colours. The most popular and less obtrusive colour is Precious Silver Pearl. As with the frameless option we can measure and custom order glass to fit on or over retaining walls or up sloped areas.


Glass balustrade

Glass balustrade is for installation on balconies or decks that are over 1m high. Glass balustrades must be fitted with a handrail to be compliant. Balustrade can be installed as either frameless balustrade or semi frameless balustrade and a balustrade is installed with a matching stainless steel handrail or alloy handrail accordingly. We also install internal glass balustrades on first floor landings.


Internal glass stairs

To provide a quality finish indoors, we can install frameless glass down stairs, or pin the glass to the stair treads to maximise space. Internal stairs are also installed with an offset handrail, or a handrail fitted on top of the glass. All glass is stencilled to ensure a perfect fit of glass on your stairs and the finished result of stunning.


Alloy flat top fencing

A cheaper fencing option is alloy flat top fencing which is also made to Australian Standards. You can decide to install some alloy flat top fencing in out of views areas or to spread the cost of your job. In our factory we can also make custom made raked panels to suit your ground profile.

Alloy louvred or slatted gates both sliding & pedestrian


Increasingly popular is the installation of alloy gates because of the durability and low maintenance of this product. All alloy will be powder coated to AS/NZS 4506, 60 microns. We fabricate and install all type of sliding or fixed gates, both alloy louvred or alloy slatted. We can also install sliding gates with an automatic motor for convenience and security.


Alloy louvred or slatted privacy screens

Alloy window screens are increasingly popular and are installed in many new housing developments. The design can either be slatted, allowing some air and visibility through or alloy louvred to ensure maximum privacy. These types of screens can also be installed to hide bin areas or air conditioning units and are durable and practical.


Alloy pool pump covers

We can custom make alloy pool pump covers to provide a tidy and practical area for storing all your pool hardware. These covers can be made with self opening doors, or a flip top lid. Check out our gallery for previous examples we have fabricated.